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Alrighty ~ nothing like a 9 year thread to jump into . . .

Likes and Dislikes -

Let's preface this by stating what Year QX50 we have since there are basically 3 versions

2008 to 2015 EX - EX35 - EX37 - QX50 with the Cramped Back Seat -

2016 to 2017 QX50 - the longer version with a Face Lift

Both of these have a V6 Traditionally Mounted , built in Japan, RWD, and AWD that is RWD Biased

No 2018s - Went straight to

2019 to Present QX50 - Redesign - Built in Mexico, FWD, 4 Cylinder

I have a 2016 Deluxe Touring ( every add on except for the High Tech Package - lane departure stuff )
And . . .
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Starting with the Dislikes:

Old Fashioned Roof Mounted Corkscrew 12" antenna ~ why not a Shark Fin ? - INFINITI kept the old 2008 technology on that

Silver painted front and rear bumper surfaces prone to chips and peeling paint - Poor adhesion to the plastic on that silver paint ~

Overall, the car is narrow ~ ( could be a like when in heavy traffic going high speeds where wide cars over spill into your lane )

Factory Bridgestone Turanza 19" Tires are too narrow, loud, and VERY expensive to replace ( over $325 each )

Roof Rails appear way to big and an over stated afterthought ( could be a like in that it makes the Hatch Wagon appear more mainstream SUVish )

Rear Hatch Tonneau Cover not standard - a pricey dealer mark up item ( negotiable these days as they're an old obsolete part in low demand )

Sunroof ~ whilst Standard on 2016 ~ is small when compared to modern day panoramic roofs

Seating Height - Because your tooling around in a Sports Car disguised as a Hatch Wagon ~ CUV ~ you want to get down lower in the seat, more grounded to the road, but the seat is mounted rather high up and doesn't seem to go low enough

And a general closing on dislikes ~ I'm driving a 6 year old QX50 with a bunch of 14 year old technology

On to the LIKES:

325 HP VQ V6 VHR Naturally Aspirated - through 2 air intakes ~ ( a dislike in that you need to buy 2 air filters come replacement time ) - Engine that's a Solid Performing Stalwart that propels the QX50 in a surprisingly swift fashion that is unexpected and appreciative when needing to accelerate out of a situation

The 7 Speed Sport & Economy Mode - Manually Slappable - Transmission with Down Shift Rev Matching that ALWAYS seems to be in the right gear at the right time and shifts so seamlessly and smoothly

The 19" wheels are far better looking than the 18" standard wheels, a much needed update - but still they can be wider and tad bit more aggressive looking

The Big Wide Diameter Chromed Exhaust Tips ~ ( but at some angels - you see the skinny diameter rusty pipes under the rear axel ahead of the Big Bad Chrome Tips - than can be a dislike )

Just the right amount of Chrome Trim to give it a Luxury Vibe without being too overstated

That Long Raked Hood ~ and Funky Adjustable Moving Headlights encased in the Plastic Covers ~ ( had a co-worker who thought the QX50 was Jaguar . . .lol )

And in closing on the Likes . . . The overall drivability and driving mechanics of the FMS ( front mid-ship ) platform - where the engine is behind the front wheels adding to th equally balanced weight distribution - with front multi link suspension and rear trailering arms - coupled with aforementioned Engine and Transmission ~ make my 2016 QX50 SO DANG FUN TO DRIVE !

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I have not read the whole thread but still wanted to add my wife's only dislike I really know that she has complained about and that is the cup holders. They are fine if you have two cans or maybe two 20 oz bottles. Anything other than that and they are only good for one.

Her's is a 2017 with about 35k miles on it and I really want to change the transmission fluid. I am not having good luck on finding the procedure on that. I guess that would be my dislike since I am a DIYer when it comes to stuff like that on all of our vehicles.
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