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Infiniti is milking every last dreg out of the QX50's life cycle, and it would seem the new name has injected a touch of life into the ageing crossover. Consider the figures.

We've watched the EX/QX50 fall off a cliff since 2010

2008: 12,873
2009: 7,950
2010: 8,312
2011: 6,030
2012: 3,495
2013: 2,164

Now whats interesting is that in 2013 prior to the name change Infiniti was selling ~150 units per month (US), post name change that number jumped by about 50 units.

For 2014 the figures have been a bit more optimistic.

Jan: 197
Feb: 220
Mar: 300
Apr: 225
May: 265
Jun: 220
Jul: 226

While the figures may look dismal (and they are) the percentages at least paint a favorable picture. July YoY is 76% better in 2014 and YTD the QX50 is up 73.5%.

However globally the story is a bit different, a when I say globally I mean China. China is likely to dictate the future of the QX50, a LWB QX50 has just started production in China for their domestic market, some think Chinese demand alone could keep the model alive past its best before date...

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wow that's bad, at least this is coming to the end of it's production cycle and a next generation model will be coming out.
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