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Vehicle Dynamic Control Light

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I've had my 2016 QX50 for about 7 months now, and am still loving it. Recently, my VDC light has popped on for apparently no reason three different times. At first, I thought it might be due to a harder than normal braking event. The second time, I was leaving a carwash, and rationalized that the road was wet. Today, I was driving down a dry street and it popped on. Each time I turned the vehicle off, and when restarted, the light was off.

I am dreading the trip to the dealer, where I expect to be told "we can't reproduce the problem". I'm far enough from the dealer that it isn't practical to drive to the dealer when it pops on again, and it will clear when the vehicle is turned off.

Has anyone run into this random VDC light issue before?

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Can't help with VDC light but if it's a problem that the dealer may not be able to reproduce, when it happens pull over and take a short video with your cellphone including turning it off to clear the light do this as many times as you can. Show them to the dealer in case they can't read any error codes.
Thanks for the tip!

I'll do that. After a couple data captures, I will schedule a visit to the dealer and see what they have to say. Will post the results ;)
Figured out the warning lights

After about 3 weeks of on and off dynamic control light popping on, the red BRAKE light came on briefly. I checked the brake fluid, and it was down far enough to trip the low fluid sensor. Adding fluid probably would have taken care of the problem, but with 40K miles on it, I went ahead and flushed the brake system. No more random lights - so far!
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