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Hi. My name is Jeff. I take delivery of my 1st 2017 QX50 馃槂 next Tuesday. Can someone please suggest some simple bolt-ons towards performance. Chip/program, K&N cold air kit or throttle enhancement? Part number and manufacturer would be a big help.
Any maintenance tips would be great as well.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jeff,

As Awesome as your new to you /17 QX50 is . . .

With 325 HP of Natually Aspirated Nissan Engineered VQ HR V-6 Power . . . .

The Performance Mod Market for the QX50 is slim . . . to Nil

We pretty much need to determine what Q50 / G37 Mods can be cross applied and fit on or into our QX50s

One would think that the QX50's Cousin Car in Japan, the Skyline 370GT Crossover would have its share of goodies but sadly there isn't much out there in the Market Place.

Welcome and let the few members here know how you're enjoying your '17 QX50 so far
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