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Let's start with a visual shall we . . . .

Car Wheel Sky Land vehicle Vehicle

I always wanted to do this ~ See in Person how the 325 Horsepower QX50 - looked side by side to the same year Porsche Macan with it's 340 Horsepower 3.0 ( 400 HP optional 3.6 ) V6

These are the highest performing CUVs of the 2016 - 2017 era out there

Our QX50 in today's market used is about $22,000 the Comparable Macan demands $47,000 on average.

Needless to say, we're getting pretty much the same " Bang " for a half the " Bucks "

Looks are subjective, but there is no denying the proportions and specs of these two are pretty similar in most all categories.

As far as Reliabity and Cost of Maintenance ~ Fair to say the QX50 has a strong edge

In fact ~ the QX50 with it's Chrome and Painted Accents appears to be more luxurious than the German rival

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Photograph

I won't bore the 3 or 4 viewers of this Thread with all the side by side specs. You can get those from the Internet.

I always thought of the QX50 as a 370Z ( or better yet ~ the QX60 Coupe ) but with 4 functional Doors - Room for 5 - or at least 4 Adults, a Hatch, a Roof Rack, Power Fold Rear Seats for ample cargo space when needed and in an AWD all weather package; and every bit as fun to drive as the aforementioned Coupes.

Sure, we aint driving a Porsche, but for half the price, we sure the heck have the performance capabilities as the P car's version of this crazy explosive CUV Craze where nearly every car on the road is now a CUV

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I just had my 2016 QX50 in the dealership for a "complimentary oil change", and the used vehicle manager offered to buy it back for more than I paid 2 years ago, because he figured he could flip it for even more. That tells me that, even in this world where all used vehicles are going for crazy money, the QX50 is a desirable vehicle.

I honestly couldn't think of what I would like better to replace it, so I walked away from a deal I might have taken on another vehicle!
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