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Reviews Criticize 2015 Infiniti QX50's Styling

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The newest iteration of the Infiniti QX50 has received somewhat lack lustre reviews. One of the most recurring things in these reviews is criticism of the QX50's exterior styling. Reviewers seem to agree that the vehicle is boring when compared to other cars in its segment.

When you consider the exciting design direction that Infiniti has taken with upcoming vehicles like the QX30, it is baffling why the company didn't incorporate more of this lauded design language into the QX50. It feels like Infiniti just decided not to try that hard when redesigning the QX50. Let's take a look at some quotes from reviews. says,

Exterior and interior styling are at best, appalling... Resembling an overgrown hatchback, there are a few neat design cues like the contour that begins at the front fender and ascends as it races down the length of the car, but compared to the sporty Q3, the QX50 simply looks hideous. says,

Cute enough, I suppose, but still not worth paying attention to. says,

Interestingly, [the extended wheelbase] has little evident affect on the car’s styling, which appears hardly changed from the current model.
I have to say that I agree with these comments. The styling has changed little from the previous model, and that is why it looks like the QX50 was designed in the '00s and not the 2010s.

Like other CUV vehicles of late, the QX50 has a sloping roof line. Unlike other models in the segment though, this doesn't make the QX50 look particularly sporty, and only serves to reduce rear head room and cargo space. The lack of rear head room and cargo space is the other major point that reviewers point to as a con of the QX50.

What do you think of the QX50's exterior styling? Do you wish that it had more elements from vehicles like the Q30 and QX30?
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Especially since SUVs are having their time right now, this should really be a top priority of the brand. I am a bit confused as to why they don't seem to care so much.
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