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In a world of ever increasing gutless FWD based "cross-over looking " economy cars flooding the marketplace, the RWD based QX50 is a breathtaking punch in the gut of naturally aspirated fresh air.

While most "professional" reviewers will call the EX 35 / EX37 / QX50 aged, dated, stale, tired, long in the tooth, etc.... This Vehicle really is the true pioneer of the explosive crossover segment that is now dominating the automotive street-scape.

A decade ahead of its time, the QX50 has the Heart, Soul, Bones, Motor, Platform, Power, and over all Essence of the honored Nissan Z car heritage in a functional everyday luxury INFINITI branded package.

This is a common theme amongst all the reviews because it's true.

The 3.7 V6 gets it done, and quickly with a purpose.
Segment busting with it's whopping 325 HP, the QX50 is a pure blast to drive.

When talking about the '16 & '17 model years, all the automotive press ever gloated about was the added 4 inches of leg room and 3.2 inches of stretched wheelbase.
They all forget to mention that the QX50 smoked the competition in 2016 & 2017 in terms of value and performance in the smaller luxury Crossover Utility segment, and quite frankly, even smokes the latest incarnation of the 2019 + QX50.

So we all know it's sporty and powerful; there are some criticisms to offer if we need to get overly critical.
Some say it looks like a "clown shoe".
However, to me, it looks like a hot retro quality built Japanese styled shooting brake.
A functional sport coupe with the added convenience of a rear doors and auto fold down up rear seats.
Some say the technology is dated. It has all around cameras standard, not many other new CUVs do.
The 2016's newer grille is an improvement over the '08 to '15 grille for sure, however, it's almost as if Infiniti tried "too hard" to make it look more mainstream crossover.
It is a bit busy with LED DTR lights and the Silver Accents on the lower facia. A lot is going on there.
The QX50 could be quieter inside, but then again, it's a rush to hear the 3.7 doing it's thing, so it's a tradeoff that is livable.
The Bridgestone Turanza EL Tires on the new '19 inch Touring Package Wheels are noisy, and a bit narrow.
This is something the can be upgraded when they wear out.
It lacks a power tail gate. ~ no biggie for most folks
The 7" touchscreen is vastly smaller by today's standards, but is simple, easy to operate, and rather intuitive.

Short of the Porsche Macan, The pre-2019 QX50 is "THE" PERFORMANCE CUV to covet !
Priced right.
Impressive Performance.
Terrific Handling. ( mechanical - none of this " drive by wire stuff "
Smooth Shifting. ( Sport Mode is fun for longer revs, Manual Mode too if you're so inclined, no paddle shifters, but again, who really cares )
Quality Built in Japan with tight fit and finishes.
It's so Luxurious, Sporty, Comfortable, Nimble, yet still a blast to drive.

Standard Stuff Galore: Real Leather. ( still smells new and of a quality leather years later too )
Standard Moon Roof. ( Larger Panoramic Glass Top would be nice )
Available in al but the base - Power Folding - both up and down - Rear Seats.
& Heated Front Seats.

Other Observations / Features / Likes - Etc.

The Bose Sound System has a superior sound with speakers galore

AWD models are rear wheel biased until the front traction is needed.

Excellent color choices, the metallics are deep and brilliant. ( I have Malbec Black which has a subtle deep plum metallic to it )

Just the right amount of Chrome in all the right places to give it a Luxury Vibe.

I shopped every used AWD Vehicle in the Mid $20,000 range.
The QX50 outdid the competition on so many levels.
Was lucky to find a used unit with super low miles, just 6,800. My '16 had a MSRP of $44,000 when new - 3 yrs later was able to purchase at $24,500 ( can sell today with 15,000 miles for more than what paid for it due to the new car inventory storage caused by microchip processors being in extremely short supply )
Nothing this nice, this powerful, this optioned, in a car, truck, CUV, or SUV, came anywhere as close to the value gotten.

The EX35 / EX37 / QX50 is the REAL Deal.
The True Pioneer of the CUV Movement.
The Godfather that Started this Whole Sensational Crossover Craze to begin with !
Don't settle for less.
Don't overpay for less.

Want a Fun Crossover with Guts, Luxury, Quality . . .
Consider the this 2008 to 20017 Generation in the QX50 or it's earlier named predecessors.
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