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Infiniti has announced more details about the 2016 QX50 as its launch approaches. The announcement also includes news that the outgoing model will have a lower base price.

The redesigned crossover is being sold for $35,445 with RWD. This is a savings of $550 when compared to the previous generation. The AWD variant goes for $1,400 more, a total of $36,845.

Infiniti says that the 2016 models also bring an extra $1,700 worth of additional standard features, like heated leather seats and a moonroof. The Premium Package adds an 11-speaker Bose sound system, maple interior accents, improved climate control, aluminum roof rails and more. These add up to an "overall improved value" of $4,500. Infiniti has not detailed the price structure for all the options yet.

The 2016 model also switches to a longer wheelbase, increasing the overall length by 4.5 inches and giving rear passegners an extra 4.3 inches of legroom. Ride height has also increased slightly.

The crossover should arrive in dealerships later this year.

Infiniti's redesigned QX50 gets lower base price | LeftLaneNews
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