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RAV4 ( 2016 ) Comparison Notes

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Hi again QX50 Forum, its your friendly Moderator with little share here in the QX50 vs. The Competition Section

Yes, there is such a sub category . . . .

SO . . . Today's Competitor is a 2016 RAV AWD Limited

Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Land vehicle

Mr. LQQX50's Old Man's Last Ride ~ yep, my Dad turned 89, and due to a multitude of health issues, no way would the BMV renew his license . . .

So I've been driving his RAV4, Only 11,000 miles on it . . .

How does it compare to my 2016 QX50

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Sky

We'll start with the PROS of the RAV4

It sits Higher ~ offering a better view of the road ahead and is more on par with your eyes at the same level of most other SUVs and CUVs out on the road.
Higher Ground Clearance and Front Nose ~ no Parking Block worries

It Runs an Regular 87 Octane Fuel ~ .80 to $1.00 less per gallon than the required 93 Octane the QX50 3.7 V6 burns

MPG on the the RAV's Trip Computer has ranged from 19.5 to 24.5 MPG ( it recalculates after every fill up )
compared to 19 to 21 on the QX50. RAV4 has smaller tank, so stopping at the Gas Station intervals are actually greater in the RAV4 ~

More head room, shoulder room, and cargo space ~ not much ~ but it is noticeable

Larger digital Screen and Digital info Display between the Gauges

Larger center Console ~ Arm Rest ~ and a few less intrusive Cup Holders . . .

THAT'S IT for the PROS

Now to the CONS

The RAV4 is Gutless and Soul-less, and kinda embarrassing to be seen in ~

The 2.5 Liter naturally aspirated 4 Cylinder is LOUD ~ Weak ~ Struggles to get the Car up to Desired Speed Limits the Rav's 187 HP is less than awe inspiring when merging on to a busy expressway

The 2016 RAV4 looks no different than the Ford Escape ~ they're both pretty BLAH & Old Person looking

I won't bash the RAV4 anymore than this, you get the gist ~

The RAV's Insurance is Paid up for another 5 months and the plate doesn't expire for another 6 months so I might as well put some Work Commute Miles on the RAV4 on rainy dreary days and not put the miles on my QX50 which just turned 38,000 miles

I really appreciate getting back in the QX50 after a few Work Commutes in the RAV4

Thank you for reading this Comparison,
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Interesting perspective. I had a similar experience when we moved from a Nissan Rogue to our QX50. Almost identical Pros/Cons - the Rogue had more headroom, storage, ground clearance, miles-per-gallon. Yet it never got past being a "cute" vehicle. The 4 cyl powerplant was downright scary when merging onto an interstate in Texas.

There are still times when I open the hatch of the QX50 and sigh when whatever I have won't fit "like it used to in the Rogue" ... but I'll take the inconvenience for the fun of driving the QX50 EVERY TIME I GET IN IT.

I just decided to buy a Nissan Titan to haul anything that wouldn't fit in my QX50. The Titan's 390 hp 5.6L doesn't disappoint either ;)
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