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For those wanting a Fastback CUV ~ INFINITI has thrown their hat into the ring to compete with the few other " Fastback " sloping roof ~ Cargo Space Eating " CUV Coupe Looking Entries out there . . .

As the CUV Craze gets Crazier . . . And More and More CUVs kill off passenger cars that once dominated the Streetscapes . . . The QX55 has arrived ~ or soon will . . .

Welcome to the INFINITI Family and this Forum of all Things QX50, and now QX55, once the EX, EX37 EX Journey

Having read all of the Professional Reviews out there to date on the QX55, the reviewers all kind of came up with these conclusion statements in their reviews:

Is there really a Niche for these Fastback Coupe Apperaring CUVs ?

INFINITI is lost, misguided, struggling, behind the curve, and doesn't know what it wants to be, and the QX55 is a prime example of INFINITI's cluelessness putting out this chopped back incarnation of the present day 2019 QX50 on a mundane FWD platform . . .

It has some High Tech Stuff and Goodies to compete

INFINITI Interiors are a notch above basic and the QX55 is no different

It is Pricer than the QX50 and has Less Room which defies logic

Why doesn't the QX55 have a 6 Cylinder Option ?
Especially if it is to the Sportier Version of the QX50

It attempts to harken back to the days of old FX in its shape
But then the digressing into the whole confusing nomenclature of the Model names over the last decade
And how the GM guy changed it all to "Q" years ago after coming from Cadillac on now moving on to somewhere else

If you're still interested in the QX55, there are plenty of reviews and videos out there you can read and watch for yourself rather than reading my regurgitation of these

At Least INFINITI put something new out there

Behold the QX55

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