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If you're a member of the budding Chinese upper middle class, pay attention.

Dongfeng Infiniti, the Chinese Joint Venture that manages the manufacture, marketing and selling of Infiniti products in the People Republic, debuted their derivative of the QX50 ahead of the Guangzhou Motor Show on November 20.

The major difference is length. Measuring 4,744 mm in length after seeing its wheelbase extended 8 centimeters to 2,880 mm. The Chinese have a growing affinity for being shuffled around in back of their normally normal cars. That or its the utmost respect they can show to rear sitting passengers.

Mind you wheelbase isn't the only change. Cosmetically the Chinese receive a new grill design with black mesh inserts (replacing chrome) as well as redesigned fog lights.

Lastly the QX50 recieves a new 2.5L V6 making 235 hp and linked to a 7 speed auto.
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