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QX50 Extended Warranty - Elite Protection Program

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Infiniti's warranty extension program is called: Elite Protection Program

You can buy an Infiniti warranty extension from ANY Infiniti dealership.
I emailed approximately 20+ dealers asking for pricing. I gave them Purchase date, current miles, VIN, year, model, trim, and my timeline on when I was going to purchase the warranty upgrade.

I could not believe the price variation that came back.

Specifically I asked for: Infiniti Elite Protection Program (no 3rd party programs), $0 deductible, 8 years, 120,000 miles.
QX50 less than 6 months old, less than 6000 miles.
High Price: $4200+tax
Low Price: $2421, no sales tax

**Was told by at least two dealers that Infiniti increases these prices every March.

I don't feel right about puting someone's contact info on the forum, PM me if you want to know where I purchased the extended warranty from.
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Also ended up getting the prepaid regular maintenance from the same dealer. Didn't price shop this one. 96mo or 60k (whichever comes first) $1839
Does anyone have a contact on where I can look for a good deal on this? I am buying a 2020 QX50. Thank you
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Really good. I bought my used Infiniti. It even had a warranty for a little more than a year. I wanted to extend it, but first I needed vin accident check, I found a couple of services, like Epicvin. Fortunately, everything was fine with my car. I don't remember exactly, but the warranty cost around 2.5 k dollars
Amazing the variation in pricing. I paid 3k for my last BMW extended warranty and blew thru it and then some. When I bought my QX50 off lease w 35k miles on it I balked at the pricing for the extended warranty. Before finishing the paperwork they offered it to me a hunderd over cost, $1100. I was pleasantly surprised.
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