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Hi there,

I have a tonneau cover for Infiniti QX50 in mint condition.
It is an original Japanese made not a generic one.
We had a leased QX50 that we returned 3 weeks ago.
We paid $260 for it 3 years ago. Of course I’m willing to negotiate for a reasonable price.
If you’re still looking, let me know.


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The First Post says it was from a Lease Turn in - Leased 3 years ago ~ Very Safe to say they have 2nd Gen Cargo Cover.

For those looking for Pre - 2019 Cargo Cover ~ Talk to your local Dealer's Parts Dept Mgr.
~ If they can find any ~ Tell them: let's make a deal ~ not too many folks looking for them these days ~

I got mine for $180 ~ BEST MOD for Gen 1 QX50 ~ hides all your crap in the hatch ~ this really should have been a Standard Item
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