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Problem with playing CDs, MP3 or MP3 from USB stick

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Hello all,
I have a little problem with playing CDs, MP3 or MP3 from USB stick.
The radio, mobile phone and also the navigation transmits the sound as it should be but as soon as I switch to CD or want to play an MP3, no sound comes out.
The track runs normally in the displays but there is no sound.
Has anyone had such an experience and a solution for it?
QX50 year of construction 2016
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Sounds like a bad head unit. Check with the dealer.
This isn't exactly your problem, but it leads one to believe that there are onboard diagnostics you can access. I would try the process noted at this link (which is for a different model) and see if you get any error codes that can be used to diagnose the problem. If you get error codes, you may be able to get your service manager at the dealer to help provide causes.
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Thanks, I'll go through the steps once.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts