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Just to share my experience and to warn potential future owners of this car, the heated seats were programmed in a defective manner and the dealership has told me they were programmed in Japan and therefore they are normal. However the drivers side heated seats are 8-12 degrees hotter than normal and even hotter than the passenger side heated seats. They are not able to be adjusted in any way-they are simply excessively hot and uncomfortable. Athey referred me to I finiti consumer affairs who also told me the defective heated seats are normal and there is nothing they canor will do to fix the problem or even make more pleasant for me (free maintenance or ?.

Additinally the vehicle heating itself does not go on unless it is turned up to 78 degrees.

I am sorry I bought this car-not because of the car itself but because of the problem with the heater and heated seats. I have lower back problems and needed the heated seats to work properly.

I am considering a class action suit. Granted the car runs fine but I paid for heater and heated seats that work properly and safely.
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