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Hi I just purchased and picking up 2015 QX50 today. I live in Calgary Canada. I traded in my 2011 Audi Q7 as it was coming off warranty and has been quite expensive to maintain especially in the wear & tear department (new tires and brakes just after 2 years, thermostat problems, oil consumption high). So I decided to downsize to a smaller SUV. I've never been an infiniti owner but love the look and feel of qx50. One concern I have is if I'll miss the space I had in the Q7 which was a much bigger vehicle. I've read complaints that the leg room and cargo in Qx50 is a bit small. Does anyone have issues with their QX50?
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15's were small in the back seat. 16-17 is same car but with about 4" more leg room in the back and a slightly raised and upgraded suspension. But either way, you have a rock-solid reliable car.
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