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New to forum - Looking for answer. Help?

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New to group. I've been driving an EX35 for several years and recently upgraded to the QX50. The QX50 is 5 years old, low mileage, great shape. Problem is.... (problems are).. the orange engine light just started showing up (same as the EX35 did) and now seems to be on permanently. Gas cap? Also, I cannot update the navigator map. Are these common unsolvable problems - or are there solutions? Thanks to everyone in advance for the kind welcome and support.
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To be sure of the Engine Light ~ Need the Diagnostic Tool to inform what the Cause(s) ~ Code(s) ) are to make the Light come on

I use Google Maps ( iPhone on a Magnet Holder in the Heating Vent ) instead of the Antiquated Nav System

Welcome to the forum !

As a 2 time Owner, replacing the EX35 with another ( QX50 ), we'd love to hear the reasoning you went with the exact same vehicle ( albeit different nomenclature )
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