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Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Grille

Hello all,
Bought a new 2021 QX50 a week ago (Essential trim) 50k sticker price.

I got a very good price for my ford edge so traded it in. I do not find value in german brands since they do not hold value after 100k miles.
I already used lexus, and neighbor has acura rdx, so reasonable option would be this.

skeptical about CVT but not as bad - CVT revs more in cold, once engine is hot I did not notice as much drone noise.
Fit and finish is awesome. I was also skeptical about dual screens but once you start using them it makes sense.
I like the artistic sweeping design.

  • no way to know if the vehicle started - when I remote start from the key fob
  • can not keyless unlock/open the rear doors.

overall still exploring the car and satisfied.
Let me know if you have any tips and tricks or anything interesting

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