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Hi forum, I finally got new 2016 QX50 (base)!!

Before QX50, I was driving GTI 2013 mk6 model with different mods.
After driving QX50 for a bit, about 200km, I found few things that I like and hate.

I love v6 3.7L engine regardless of its fuel consumption. I used to gas my GTI 93 oct due to mods and fuel consumption on 91 or 89 oct gas would not be a huge difference for me. (maybe ~$20 difference per month) Also, I love look of the vehicle, even with 18inch base wheel!

Here are the hates. First, Non-HID headlight for base option. Second, Vehicle is not android friendly and doesn't support BT streaming (no AUX, no RCA) unless its full option (+7000 w/ Navi). lastly, very outdated stock display system.

I tried to fix few of the hate by,
1. Adding ballast and HID bulb for headlight
2. LED bulbs for interior and license plate (Do we have light module built? can we replace our bulb to LED for these?)
3. FM transmitter for music
4. In-dash aftermarket Navi to replace stock display.

I have read all different review and forums however, no-one actually tried to add aftermarket Navi (Kenwood or pioneer double din navi). So I am posting a thread here for some feedback and advice.

Have anyone tried to add double DIN Navi into their vehicle? or is it even possible?

Thank you for reading my post and I would love to hear from you guys.

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Hey dude!
I completely agree with your dislikes. I would also add these...

1. You need to go through like 3 prompts before making a phone call.
2. The Song name doesn't scroll through on the display on XM radio.
3. Only 1 usb port.

It seems like most of our dislikes of this car could be solved be replacing the display system. Have you heard about replacing it with a Tesla head unit? Ive seen a video of it in China I believe. I dislike the factory head unit and I've considered changing it but that's where your able to see how you have you heat settings placed.
Thinking I should have searched a bit more for a QX50 with some sort of upgraded package.
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