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13th Infiniti, QX50 AWD Essence in Chestnut Bronze. Previous: 1992 J30, 1994 G20, 1995 I30T, 1998 QX4, 2001 FX35, 2003 MX35, 2006 G35x, 2011 G37x, 2013 G37x, 2014 Q50, 2015 Q60S, 2015 QX60, 2019 QX50
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Wow, very impressive!!

I hope the #13 isn´t a unlucky number. ;)
Cool, a lifer!!

I just picked up my very first with the essentials (pro-active, assist, sensory) and am liking it very much.

Being a long time Infiniti champ, what are your thoughts on this one?
13 Infinities

So far (2600 miles) have been very satisfied with my new QX50. In fact would consider it among my top 5 so far. I am a little surprised that so many of the features (Pro Assist and Pro Active, and fog lights and heads up display), must be reactivated each time the car is started. Also why no snow mode is available with AWD. My only other issues so far are the welcome lighting (under car) does does activate until the door handle is opened, and twice now the audio system will not turn on until I have turned the engine off, opened the door and restarted the car. (I will be checking in with survice dept on this issue.) I have been amazed at how few QX50's I've seen on the road, but I guess here in Minneapolis the QX60 is their most popular model. Expecting a lot of snow tonight so will be trying it out..I did replace tires with Michillin Xi2's and new TSW wheels for winter.
Just brought home Infiniti # 14: Midnight Black with Gallery White interior Q60 3.0t Pure AWD. Looks nice next to QX50.
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