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Hey Everyone.
New to this forum, definitely not new to the brand. Have been working for Infiniti for a few years, still have my 2015 q40 (g37). Just returned my wifes Q50s lease and we leased a QX50 this time around. I know the car pretty well considering I work for the brand. With that being said I have never really looked into the aftermarket modifications for the car. The VCTurbo is a pretty torquey engine as it is. With me coming from a pretty modded G and us having a Q50s. I want to know what are the usual power mods if any? What have people seen the cars handle? Am I an idiot for even considering power mods for this platform since its paired with a lethargic cvt and a MacPherson strut front end? Are there some solid QX50's out there putting down a little more power or handling better? Just starting off any help is appreciated. My G puts down almost 340 to the wheels so I kind of want a little more pep in the step of the QX50.
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Welcome !

This Forum is need of an Expert on the 2nd Gen QX50

Aftermarket Mods for both the First Generation ( 2008 to 2017 EX EX35 EX37 QX50 ) and the latest ( 2019 to present ) are pretty much non existent

Us 1st Gen Owners here with our 3.7 VQVHR V6s put down 325 HP stock . . . and some crave more . .

We pretty much have searched and discussed what we can do and find to pep up our RWD based ( AWD ) Hatch Wagons and have come up empty on any real options out there other than trying to make a Q50 Sedan type Mod fit Our Wagons ( Sedan Like CUVs ) . . .

Cat Back Exhausts pretty much need to be custom fabricated

Short of an applicable Beefed up Front Strut Brace . . . Not much else is out there . . .

This isn't the most active and lively Car forum on the Web, but us QX50 owners and enthusiasts do love our INFINTIs and welcome you into the fold, and will appreciate your Brand Knowledge and Experiences that you'll come to share.
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