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Came from a 2012 Prius technology package and 2007 FJ Cruiser. I -think- I should burn the same number of litres per year (the FJ was the winter car, the Prius I drove whenever I didn't "need" the FJ capabilities, as it burned 1/3 as much fuel - lifetime for the Prius was 5.22 l/100 km - 17.55 for the FJ). Of course it will be Premium instead of Regular. And only one vehicle to maintain and insure. So saving there.
Trying to justify spending so much on a car. It's such a wonderful interior finish. Never seen anything like it. That more than anything sold me.

And then I drove it home last Saturday, I'm told the first one on the road in Edmonton. Some confusion. Sunday was better. Began understanding how to set up the "systems". I think I've actually got it figured out today!

It sure complains/warns entering my garage. One inch clearance on each side to the mirrors. Haven't hit anything yet! ;)

They (Erickson Infiniti) had an Autograph package American one in the showroom when I went to look, and took it for a "short" test drive (not quite legal to put a Canadian dealer plate on an American car that hasn't been officially "imported"). My car seems much more powerful than what I remember from the test drive. But I was kind of overwhelmed with all the "stuff" happening.

Can't wait to drive it each day!

It would be "what a feeling" if it was a Toyota, or "enjoy the ride" if just a Nissan. What is it with an Infiniti?
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