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Hi there - we test drove some SUVs and pitted the QX50 against the Lincoln MKC. The MKC seemed like a regular Ford disguised as a luxury car. The Infiniti seemed to be - from the ground up - made out of better materials and a truly nicer vehicle. Found this 2020 with only 20k miles on it so it fit what we were looking for.

this is my first Nissan/Infiniti. Grew up on Chevy and Ford, and got a Hyundai Sonata a few years ago.
Bought it this morning and so far am loving it! Can’t wait to see what fun posts this forum has. The only real upgrade I may go to the vehicle is use a K&N air filter on it.

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Couldn't agree more with your initial impressions.

I too was always an American Car guy.
I had a 2003 Anniversary Edition C5 Corvette for 5 years as a weekend escape pod type car to have fun tooling around in besides a family cruiser SUV . . .

The Novelty wore off after time . . .

About a year later, wanted a 2 seater again, but something less cliche' and more user friendly . . .

Stumbled upon a 10 year old at the time - pampered - extremely low milage Nissan 350Z
My first Non-American car . . .

It out performed the Corvette in every way shape and form ~

The Z soon turned it into my commuter car for the next 5 years putting over 100,000 miles on it with Zero Issues
( I have winters ~ so it was driven 10 months out of the year as daily driver for a 70 mile round trip )

The Z eventually needed to be replaced and the INFINITI QX50 just seemed to fit the bill
Room for 3 more, AWD, and mine being a '16 has a 325 HP 3.7 V6
And with that Nissan Sense of Indestructible Reliability ~ but with the Upscale INFINITI Vibe and Craftsmanship

I feel like I'm driving a 370Z shooting brake now on the daily commute and absolutely love it ~ and have become an INFINITI Fan Boy ~

Once again, welcome to fold here
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