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I stumbled across this car whilst walking on a CarMax lot where they only had one, which had a record of having been in a wreck previously. I instantly fell in love with the car so I went to three dealerships looking for one this particular year and found one.

It came with a lot of lids, minus the auto cruise but I am amazingly happy. The older GPS/display took some getting used to and still trying to learn it even after watching all of the tutorial videos available on youtube.

A couple of things that I was wondering if people can assist me on.

1. When I put in a destination for directions, how do I disable the voice? She talks *way* too much and I would prefer to just look at the screen briefly.

2. When using the USB port, I use a USB drive filled with my own music. 2 things that are puzzling, I would like to have it play my songs at random. second, I noticed that sometimes I get a USB read error. I havent tried a different jump drive yet, but I never received an error previously on another stereo.

Lastly, Im looking for an alternative to obtain the two crossbars for the roof rails so that I can mount a bike rack. I called a place called "Rack Attack" they want about 400 just for the ugly non flush mounted bars!

The dealer has the ones meant for the car, for 300 dollars. Just curious what some of the members here have done.

I went from owning a 2004 Scion XB to this.... lol 100 HP to 325! This is a driving "Experience" for me. Also, I feel unique because you dont see a lot of them. There are tons of rogues and Ravs all over the road, its nice to get that puzzled look from people wondering what im driving.

Thanks for having me and I look forward to reading everyone's posts!

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