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I called the area dealers and asked for a price on the QX50 with color (white) and options I wanted. Got three prices, asked the other two to beat the best price. Bought car from the lowest quote, $33,900 for Premium Plus, Stainless Steel Illuminated Kick Plates, Stainless Steel Rear Bumper Protector, Splash Guards, and Roof Rail Crossbars. Maybe could have done better but it's a done deal.

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Hey, why not . . . This Thread is 5 and a half years old . .

The Link is an interesting Read for sure.

Any other 2016 ~ '17 Owners out there want to share their purchasing experiences ?

I'll start . .

My purchase was a Used 2016, Malbec Black, Black Interior, everything except the Tech Package

Tire Wheel Sky Plant Car

Purchased in August of 2019 with just 6,700 miles from a Toyota Dealer

Car came out of the Cleveland Suburbs and ended up in Northwest Indiana

Pristine Car Fax

$24,700 was the advertised price

It took a week to get the deal done as I walked based on their low ball offer on my Trade In

Oh boy ~ gonna 'bout to git long winded here . . ready for the details ?

5 months earlier I traded my Winter Work Commuter ~ Summer Fun Car, a 2015 Jeep Wrangler 2 door Sport S with 28,000 miles

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Vehicle Car

Soft Top only . . . after 5 years it was time to move on to something a bit more sophisticated, the Wrangler was fun while it lasted, but lacked refinement to say the least.

Wranglers hold their value, so straight up was able to swap for 2013 Audi Q5 3.0 Superchrged V6 with 31,000 miles

The Q5 rides so smooth, and is a fantastic vehicle in the city and on the highway.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Mrs. LQQX50 was driving a 2007 GMC Yukon Denali, purchased used in '07 with 4,000 miles, a Manufacturer Rep's Car ~ yes, we held on to this this big 6.2 V8 13mpg Beast for 12 years, and put just 52,000 miles on it.

But after I got the Q5 ~ She sort of made the Audi Q5 her own ~ and told me to get my own CUV ~ hence the search for the QX50 ~ or similar Luxury CUV ~ Shopped 'em all ~ Used of course ~ Evoque - Discorvery ~ Q7 Q5 Q3 etc ..

Here's the Denali that was getting dumped

Wheel Tire Sky Car Cloud

There was no lower milage 2007 GMT 9000 Platform Full Size AWD SUV out there nationwide as a Comp.
Those with 80,000 to 100,000 miles were advertised in the high $ teens

Toyota Dealer wasn't stepping up ~ but in the end ~ told 'em I'll sell the Denali on my own, what's the best on the QX50 - $22,500 if by EOM

I walked again as I wasn't feeling the styling of the QX50 - it looks a bit ~ silly from some angles ~ Clown Shoe like almost ~ not really a wagon ~ or a Shooting Brake either . . . just '08 looking weird

But having had a 350Z for many years and miles before this . . .

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Sky

I knew the VQ V6 was a trooper, and Nissan and INFINITI's reliability were a given . .

The QX50 to me was like a fresh 370Z - but with AWD, Rear Seats, and Storage in today's body shape of the ever present and popular Crossover

The 350 Z ( I digress once again ) replaced the same year ~ '03 Corvette

Wheel Tire Sky Cloud Vehicle

The " Japanese Vette " ~ ( 350Z ) was such a better car than the Corvette in every aspect - for real

The 350 Z lasted " forever " and the 3.5 V6 was perfect for the car . . .

The experience with the Z made the QX50 a tad bit more desirable . . .

In the end, the Stealership gave $13,000 for the Denali ~ they later advertised it for $20,000 on their website

and now 2 years later ~ the QX50 just turned 16,000 Miles as Covid, and Work from Home, limited the Wheel time in it.

I do work in an office 3 days a week now ~ a 70 mile round trip so the QX50 is getting put to more use as of late.

Missing the Full Size GM SUV ~ in Sept of '20, went and got Big Family Road Trip Beater

Wheel Tire Vehicle Land vehicle Car

a '13 Escalade Platinum with 119,000 miles, 1 owner ~ well maintained ~ so there you have it . . .

a long Saga of my 2016 QX50 Purchasing Experience . . .

Anyone else still here that read this dribble want to share their experience ?

Tire Cloud Wheel Car Sky

Well . . we're waiting . . . .
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