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Memory Seat Issue

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2019 QX50 Essential 7 months old. When I turn off ignition and open door, seat slides back and steering wheel rises (as it is set to do). When I get back in and start car, steering wheel lowers but seat does not move forward to memory position 1. I need to press memory 1 to get it to move. This just started a few days ago and is sporadic. Any ideas?
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Don't know for sure about the 2019 but our 2017 has a procedure one follows to program the key fob to the car so that it remembers the setting of the person carrying the fob. It is not super consistent as it seems to work for my fob but not always for my wife.
In other words, I will unlock the car using my fob and the seat and wheel will adjust to my settings (M2). Often times when she unlocks it does not move her seat to her settings (M1).
Regardless, you might take a look in the owners manual for the programming sequence (it was pretty hard to find in my manual).
Best of luck.
I think this is correct answer. The car will reconize the FOB after it has been set then when you get in with that FOB it goes to that setting.
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