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It's hot in Dallas so I suspected that was the cause of my liftgate suddenly not responding at all to the Fob, the instrument panel button, or even the button on the outside of the door itself. Didn't even hear the normal clicks or chimes I normally hear/feel with the outside button. Was going to hand it to the dealer until I found they were going to charge me $100 just to give me information about things I might want to do. I let the car cool overnight and tried again in the morning but it was still unresponsive.

Opened the dang user guide and found out where the fusebox was. Opened it, pulled the fuse and it did not appear to be melted, so I put it back in. Was going to give up and send to the dealer when I found the liftgate was now working again.

Has anyone else experienced this? Could it have been the heat.? Maybe a loose connection to the fusebox that got jiggled when I pulled the fuse? It's been almost a week and there's been no recurrence...

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Welcome to the Forum dallasdave !

Us Owners of the '08 to 2017 QX50s never had the joys and experiences of a Power Lift Gate . . .

In a way we envy the 2019 to present owners with their fancy high tech do dads while we need to reach up, and slam our lift gates closed like the cavemen did to their station wagons back in the day

All sarcasm aside, again, welcome, and good to hear things worked out and you avoided giving the Stealership ca$h for a mere fuse pull and re-plug fix
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