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Infiniti to ditch IPL and replace it with Eau Rouge performance range

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Rumor has it that Infiniti will be ditching its Infiniti Performance Line (IPL), and replacing it with a new Eau Rouge performance range. IPL was launched in 2010 with the goal of eventually rivaling brands like BMW's M and Mercedes-Benz's AMG. Obviously, that did not happen.

The Eau Rouge name was introduced at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show with a high-performance version of the Q50 sedan.

At the moment it seems like Infinit doesn't quite know what it is doing with either brand though. There are no firm plans for the first Eau Rouge vehicle, and vice president of Infiniti Americas Michael Bartsch admits that the company doesn't really know what to do with the IPL brand.

Let's hope that if Infiniti is trying for a performance brand again that it does a better job than it did with IPL.
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What ever they call it, I don't care, as long as we get some fast Infinitis thats all that matters.

But I have to say I do prefer "IPL" over "eau rouge"
I agree with RHA

IPL sounds much cooler than eau rouge.

eau rouge is a bit..

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^ I agree to some point.

Eau Rouge is a cool name, kind of helps to give their cars a higher class feel, but i think most will agree IPL is the way to go.
Are they going to shorten it to "ER" or something? not that that is much better. That makes it sound like it has something to do with an emergency room.

I don't even really get why they are starting their performance brand over again. Why not just focus more on IPl since it already exists (and has a better name.)
keep in mind Eau Rouge is a FAMOUS high speed bend at Spa Francorchamps, its supposed to signify the grwoth they've made from their tie in with RBR F1. Its simply branding by association, they cant extrapolate the strategy without looking gimmicky.

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Makes sense, now it's all starting to come together. I think I even seen a clip of a Q50 and Infiniti F1 Car (Q100) racing side by side.
They need to hurry up and make an Eau Rouge SUV and put it on that track, then show us the video :D
agree about looking gimmicky.
Yup and likely that isn't helping them.
they still seem to be selling the IPL Q60

really wonder if they will end up doing a eau rouge q60
likely they will just make it as a next gen model, i doubt they will do anything more with the current Q60
Yeah it's really what a lot of focus is on, at this point they just need to keep the current one interesting enough
Fast Forward 7 years -

Looks like " Red Sport " is thew lingo for the highest level of performance these days for INFINITI

Looking ahead " Monograph " looks to be the lingo for the Luxury line of SUVs forthcoming

INFINITI launched in 1989 ~ regardless of marketing names ~ at least they're still with us here in the US as we enjoy our NISSAN DELUXE brand's 22 year heritage . . .
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