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Infiniti q50,g37 performance parts compatible with qx50

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Hey everyone I have a 2014 Infiniti qx50 with the 3.7 engine. I was shopping for performance parts like intakes and exhaust. I cannot seem to find anything for the qx50,but tons for the g37x and q50 sedans. I wanted to know if those will fit on the qx50?

I mean isnt the qx50 a q50/g37 that is lifted up slightly?
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The correct answer is take measurements, and verify yourself. Most of the parts will be direct fit as the engine and driveline are all orientated the same. Exhaust will be almost identical but will require some slight modification. Remember that same complete driveline and the K-Frame it is mounted to is the same in all three cars.(But only for those 4 model years). The suspension and rear driveshaft are the only things besides the body that differ on the QX..{(not many know what a hidden gem it was for a few years) the only car faster in its class was the Porshe Meccan Turbo S}.
Will not fit. QX50 hasTOTALLY new 4cyl motor design. The 3.7 is 6 cyl.
Robrizok is a moron, and shouldn't be answering questions. My God man, I hope you don't walk off the edge of something, since you clearly don't read and comprehend things...
Someone needs to say the weak link on the 3.7 qx50 is the transmission. If you did manual swap it would be untouchable. Low psi twin turbo should get you close to 500hp and the transmission is not going to like that..
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