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Every automaker and its parent company is lining up to design its own set of wheels for the GT6 as part of the Vision Gran Turismo program, and this latest one comes from Infiniti.

Although nothing in the way of details were disclosed at this point, the two teaser images released today show that, like most of its compatriots, Infiniti's design is for a low-slung, track-focused, two-door sports car. Its long bonnet suggests a front-engined layout, with an intriguingly ovoid windshield framed by raised buttress A-pillars and Infiniti's signature dog-leg rear pillars.

The aerodynamic profiling looks suitably advanced for a mythical beast like this one, with deep extractor vents cut into the hood, intersecting side sills running from the front brake vents, an enormous rear diffuser and an even bigger rear wing.

More than that we couldn't tell you at this point, but we're sure video racers will enjoy driving this super-Datsun as much as the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo released back in June.
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