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Best to touch & drive before buying

Hi - I do not have experience with this specific website, but two general principals come to mind: 1) you are going to live with this vehicle for quite some time (presumably), and you do not want to purchase a vehicle you cannot personally review in advance, and 2) don't assume you will get a better price from an online resource. Also, if you are planning on using a dealer for service (some do - some do not), you are better off finding a dealer service department you trust and seeing what they have to sell.

I purchased my QX50 a year ago from the largest dealer in North Texas, with CPO coverage and similar mileage, for less money. I do the majority of my own work, but have already had the QX50 back to the dealer for warranty brake work. Their service department had a stellar rating in online forums, and they have not disappointed. They also "get it" when I tell them I am going to do other work myself.

Probably not the exact answer you were looking for, but points to consider.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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