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How to change "Oil Change" mileage?

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I know how to "reset" the oil change monitor after an oil change, but how do I change the mileage distance.
It is set for 7500 and I want to reduce it to 5k miles.

Cant seem to find the info in the manual.

Thanks in advance.

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Weird. I hadn't thought about that. In the Q50, its under Settings -> Meter -> Maintenance. But in the QX50, there's no "Maintenance" option in Meter settings. I'll check on this and try to find an answer for you.
OK. I just learned something, so thanks for that.

QX50 thinks it is very smart. Therefore, since its smarter than you, it decides when you need to change the oil. You're correct that it defaults to 7500 miles, but that interval can/will change based on how you drive the car. I'm guessing it can only shrink, not grow, but it does shrink for sure.

So there you go, stupid human. Bow to your tech car overlords. :laugh:
Thanks for the info. I believe you are 100% correct. I checked 2 other vehicle that I own. On the one that "calculates" the oil change due mileage, you cannot change the mileage due, you can only reset it. On the car that does not "calculate", you can change the mileage due.
Thanks for resolving this.

My service guy at the local infiniti dealer told me that I only need to change once in a year or 10,000 miles. Is that correct?
Not used to that high or long before oil change. Pretty sure this is not good for the brand new engine tech too.
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