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I picked up a 2016 QX50 last summer after my Audi A5 convertible was rear ended and totaled. I was not a big SUV fan. I had squeezed in an SQ5 between a series of convertibles and while it was a fast plush vehicle it always felt a little over-sized. But I felt like it was time for a change from convertibles, especially since 2 out of the last three I had ended up being totaled. That and my desire for a vehicle with as many safety features I could find. I really wasn't interested in a sedan or coupe since they all looked alike and I do have a practical side so I investigated SUV with the tech package and narrowed my search down to the QX50 or Acura RDX. What sold me on the QX50 was the engine and style and the fact that it drove like a sports sedan.

The car is as fast or faster than my supercharged SQ5 was and the interior design and fit and finish just knocked me out.

Minor disappointments are the infotainment system which seems a generation behind what was available in the Audi, for example, and the lack of other features available in comparable luxury vehicles like a power lift gate and rain sensing, not speed sensitive, wipers. Also surprised that there's such a small enthusiast community as compared to past makes I've owned like Audi, BMW and Saab.

I just returned from a road trip to Florida and the car was great. Cruised for hours comfortably at 80 using the adaptive cruise control and returned 26+ mpg.

Now if I could just find a solution to the glare that makes the nav screen unreadable at times...
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