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I've experienced a glitch with the Lane Departure Warning twice now.

Very often I start my lane change at the same time that I reach for my turn signal. After almost a year with the car it's still not uncommon to get a warning "BUZZ" from the steering wheel as I begin changing lanes until the signal is actually hit. Twice now I have had the steering wheel 'BUZZ" activated and get stuck on. I'm guessing that the turn signal and the lane departure warning are happening at virtually the same time and the system is glitching out??

The first time I probably drove for 5 miles before figuring out how to get it off, the second time I kinda knew how to get it off.

(Turn Intelligent Cruise Control off, turn it back on, set ICC speed again. This seems to be the quickest way to get the Lane Departure steering wheel "BUZZ" off after getting stuck ON)
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