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Front crossmember subframe brace replacement

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2015 QX50, Is it possible to replace the front ctossmember subframe brace (that one of the butterfly shape, 544B2JK51B) at home with not too much trouble? The part is heavily corroded and needs replacement.
Can I completely detach it and that will not cause engine/transmission to drop down unexpectedly. Or it is a must to go to the mechanic instead? Pls advise.
I was given some ridiculous numbers regarding the price to replace the crossmember brace and wish to evaluate if it feasible to perform at home. Thanks!
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Is it really ~ truly ~ totally Corroded ?

Metal Oxidizes ~ Rust Happens ~ It is scary looking at the underside of our QX50s to see all that Oxidized Metal ( Rusty Parts ) . . .

What evidence do you have the Brace is Structurally Unsound ?

Is this just a Service Writer trying to make the Service Center Profit based on a Natural Occurring Phenomena that happens to Steel ?

That Brace has been used on the QX50 ( predecessor EX, EX35, EX37 ~ and now QX50 ) since 2008 ~

In the 15 years since ~ has this Corroded Brace been an Issue to anyone else here on this forum or the Internet as a whole ?

I've Driven Cars Hard for 45 years ~ In a Winter Climate with Road Salt ~

Only Once has Metal Corroded so badly on a Car on Mine that a structural collapse has happened

That was on 1972 Mustang Mach 1 ~ with 140,000 miles ~ 15 years later in 1987 when a Shock Tower Collapsed due to rust through ~ But then again, that car was a total Rust Bucket ~ as were most vehicles produced in that era

Just my 2 cents to add ~ I really don't think the VQVHR 3.7 V6 on your '15 is gonna drop to the ground anytime soon due to the surface rust on the brace
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Yes, it is really is. No doubts. Just to compare, next to it there is another brace connecting both cat converters to transmission and it is also so heavily corroded that its passenged-side wing it completely rusted out through the metal and is no longer connected to that cat and is freely swinging in the air (suspect that, when I try to unscrew the opposite side from cat covnerter it will also break). And yes, I ordered that part too, but I know that it does not carry any load and I can detach it freely (in worst-case scenario I don't need that brace as it's goal is to attach firmly both cats to the transmission, but I have to purchase both to restore connection and irlt is very expensive).
So, overall the car is really rusty and I am replacing some parts on 'as needed basis (smile ...) and currently I am looking to replace these ones (see pictures attached)


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