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Flat tire visit dealer - 2023 SUV

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¿Anyone's know how to reset it?
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Might be some YouTubes Videos out there on the internet

Certainly there is a page in the Owner's Manual on how to do it

Owner's Manuals are even on the internet in PDF format if you don't the actual Owner's Manual
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It's amazing that there is no clear direction on how to turn off the "Visit Dealer", nor is there anything stating that the consumer can't do it. From what I can tell, after much combing of the internet, if your vehicle has run flats Infiniti is forcing you to come see them even if you have the tire replaced/repaired somewhere else. A standard code reader (Innova 5510) will not show any codes even thought the stupid light is still on. Does anyone know if there is a particular type of tool that can reset the notification? If our dealer were down the street I wouldn't care so much even though I still think it's a bit too "big brother", however our dealer is at least an hour away on a good traffic day.
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