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I read the manual (again) last night. I noticed that some(but not all) of the safety feature don't engage until you activate the ProPilot feature (for those that have it). For example, LDW can be on all the time but LDP is only with ProPilot activated. FEB and PCFW can be on all the time but DAC is only when ProPilot is activated. BSI, BSW and BCI should work all the time? There are A LOT of acronyms with this car. Do I have the above correct?

One of the things that is difficult for me to test is the FEB. I have it turned on in settings. When ProPilot is not on, I am not noticing this working at all. In my Murano, I would get a beep/flash as a approached a car in front of me too quickly. On one occasion, as I accelerated too fast behind another car (to make it over the tracks before the gates came down), my Murano actually braked for me. I am not noticing this behavior now but, as I mentioned, it is not so easy to test. Should the FEB and PCFW be working the same way as the Murano (so long as they are turned on in the settings)?

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