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The famous Courtney out of the Scottsdale dealership is no longer around to hook us up with extended warrant's. I was quoted

3/36,000 $100 deduct for $2160
5/100,000 $4108

Has anyone for something for better? This is for my 2018 q50 red sport with 40,575 miles.

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Welcome to the QX50 ( the wagon - hatchback - utility ) Forum for Owners of the EX, EX37, QX50 . . .

Not a very active place: the Q50 Forum is where the Hipper Q50 Sedan crowd hangs out.

Here it is mainly us with the 325 HP 3.7 VQHR V-6s in the 08' to '17 1st Gen QX50 wagon -CUVish thing wishing we had aftermarket Mod Options like you guys have for your Q50 Sedans . . .

As far a extended warranties go . . .
Us 1st Gen QX50 people let the Factory Warranty Expire with never using it, and have no extended warranties as our Japanese built nerdy looking wagon things are incredibly reliable.

Our Wagons can take the abuse we give 'em exercising the powerful V6 and slapping around our 7 Speed Automatics with rev matching downshifts as we amaze all other CUV looking 4 Cylinders Turbos out there with our rapid acceleration and tight handling from our double wishbone ~ dual trailering arm ~ FMS J50 platformed ~ Mechanical Hydraulic Steering machines as we blow them by on the roads in our stealth looking Red Sport Wannabe goofy looking wagons.

We have power folding up and down rear seats, and a spoiler on top of our rear hatches . . .

Us with the '16 & '17 models have added rear passenger room, longer wheelbase, sit an inch higher, and have fresher front and rear facias more in line with the Q50 than the old G37 on which we were based on at our inception in 2008.

Helping us Wagon Guy's Street Creed, touting our Sleepers to the Q50 Crowd one mistakenly posted thread at time . . .

Coat Tie Sleeve Rectangle Gesture

The Q50 Forum is that ------> way . . .

This is QX50 forum (y)
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