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I am very frustrated with my 2016 QX50 and am being blown off by the dealership, currently called Autonation in Torrance, CA. They are supposed to get new ownership in the near future and I am hopeful they will replace management at that time.

Anyway my driver's side heated seat is 8-12 degrees hotter than the passenger side heated seat. They tell me there is nothing they can or will do as all of this year's model has the same problem and was programmed that way in Japan and is therefore normal. When you buy a brand new car you have a right to have it work safely and properly and while this isn't an engine problem it could potentially burn someone. I can turn on for 5 minutes and then have to turn off.

Yesterday I took the car in for service and had them check the car heater. It will not turn on heater until you turn to 78 degrees. Again I am fed same pathetic speech that they checked other similar cars and they all had same problem (defect) and therefore it is normal.
If new management at the dealership won't fix problems I will contact lemon lawyer and file lemon law suit.
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