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Does INFINITI update the Instrument Cluster software via Satellite/wireless?

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On Monday 5 December at some point my instrument cluster went black and displayed only "Hardware HA2000" or something like that. The next morning when I started the car, there were 2 new Instrument pages called "Variable Compression Turbo" and "Chassis control". (Image below)
I've had the car for 6 months and have never seen these before. They are not mentioned in the User Manual. In addition, "Chassis control", which seems to be utterly useless with no information or interoperability, is the new "default" when I start the car. Is this something accidentally uncovered by the Hardware HA2000 glitch, or does INFINITI allow for some kind of software update via satellite / wireless etc ?
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Furthermore I noticed the other day on our 2020 Qx50 that some of those additional settings were missing. I always have the digital MPH showing on the dash and suddenly it was gone so I went to scroll through the options thinking maybe I hit the button and switched out of it but no they were gone. Then after leaving the Restauraunt we went to it suddenly appeared again. This car is horrible. It must have to do with whatever software updates they’ve done and glitches out the system. Like my wife says nothing works properly on this vehicle. I even hate listening to the radio it’s constantly either staticky and going in an out of the stations sometimes picking up two stations at once.
I had this issue too about the speed disappearing and it was a settings issue. Look for the "meter" selection in settings and click yes for speed/average speed. That fixed mine.
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