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A couple years ago a member posted here that he had a buzzing sound in the dash that he described as “the noise an old computer makes when processing information.” I wish he had posted an update if he figured it out … the same thing is driving me insane!!!

I hear it at the 1,700 - 2,000 rpm range. It’s a buzzing/creaky noise that changes a bit when going around corners (stretches out) or going over bumps (spikes).

Dealership told me it was my windshield replacement, which I had redone under Safelite’s warranty, but no change. A couple of the push pins securing the windshield cowl were missing (thanks Safelite) so I replaced them, but still no change.

Passengers report they can’t hear it from their side.

Has anyone else had this issue? I love my QX50 otherwise but the noise is driving me insane!

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First instinct from initial description was CD Player trying to read or load disc . . .

But as read on . . . varies with RPM ~ Cornering and Bumps . . .

This falls into one of those Mysterious Noises categories for sure . .

Perhaps just crank up the Stereo when it starts to drive you insane until it gets solved
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