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Customizing Undefined Settings

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Having had my 2019 QX50 Essential for a week now, I am still digging through all the features. It is a very impressive list. Unfortunately, the manual is not always very clear. I have a few features I can't define and as far as I can tell the manual is useless for them.

Specifically, in the Settings screen (page 6-25 of the 2019 Infiniti Intouch User Manual), it says you can set Answer Back, Reverse Link Wiper, and Wipe Drip. No where do I see it define what those features are or what they do. Anyone have any guidance? Many thanks.
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wipe drip

I can answer the wipe drip....When that is on after you shut the wipers off it will do 1 last wipe after several seconds to get the water that runs back down after shutting them off. Just 1 extra swipe is all.

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I think all of those are under Settings -> Vehicle.

Wipe Drip: if this is on, then when you wash the windshield the wipers will go a few times, wait a few seconds then do one more wipe to catch any drips. I don't know why you'd turn it off.
Reverse link wiper: wiper turns on when car is put in reverse. I don't turn it on. If I need it, I'll turn the rear wiper on.
Answer back: This gives you the ability to turn off the feature where the horn honks when you lock the car with the keyfob. Convenience means it will honk. Security means it won't. Personally, I leave it on. That way I can use the lock button to find the car in a parking lot. And if I want to lock the car quietly, I just press the button on the door handle when I get out - this locks it with just a slight double-chirp. Or use the button on the inside of the door and it won't make any noise.
Thank you all very much. Not sure how anyone is supposed to know is not obvious and not in the manual as far as I see. Your answers were most helpful. Thanks again.
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