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Bigger battery for the QX50?

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Hi all,

My battery is finally reaching its "golden years" and I am on the hunt for a replacement. If you have not had the opportunity to change your battery out, and see where Infiniti squirreled it away, pop your hood and look way back in the far passenger side corner of the engine compartment.

This is great for weight distribution, but makes a bit of a challenge to change the battery out.

Has anyone replaced the anemic Group 35 battery with something a bit more powerful, like a Group 24F? I did this in my Rogue and increased the cranking amps and reserve power for less money than the OEM size. However on the QX50, the battery is tucked into a nice little plastic surrounded hidey-hole without a lot of clearance. See pics of OEM battery size.

Seeking thoughts/experience on battery replacement!


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