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We can’t find a solution for this documented anywhere. We suddenly have a message on the upper and lower screens that is titled “Anti-Theft” at the top and says “Performing Security Check. Please wait…”. It locks, unlocks, drives and cameras work but we can’t control anything else. Nothing happens when we press buttons for Audio, Menu and Climate. We’ve tried both key fobs, unlocked it with the actual key, pressed the start button with the fob (as you would if the fob was dead). Remote start works fine too. When we turn the car off, the message remains in the display. Super frustrating. Has anyone seen this? Thank you!
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Try watching some of the YOUTUBE Videos online ( finding the "right one" can be frustrating ) but worth the search

Summary from Google Below
2019 + Infiniti QX50 - Anti-theft keeps engaging, how to reset?
  1. Double press lock on the fob, walk 10+ feet away for 15+ minutes, double press unlock on the fob.
  2. Lock driver door with key, walk away for 15+ minutes, unlock driver door with key.

Good Luck, and Welcome to the QX50 Forum
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