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Here is your chance to be one of the first to get your hands on an After-market CarPlay upgrade for 2015-2019 INFINITI (certified by INFINITI Korea)!
Product manufacturer is a Certified Global vendor by INFINITI Global: IML(Infiniti Motor Company Ltd)

Have you ever wondered:
- If you could add Apple Carplay or Android Auto to your old INFINITI?
- How to add CarPlay to your INFINITI?
- If you could easily access SIRI in your INFINITI?
- Why android auto is not included in your car?

Here is the solution to your questions!

< Aftermarket CarPlay Pre-Order Group Buy for 2015-2019 INFINITI >
This product was created with the INFINITI Global and Korean Production team and has been officially certificated as a Tier #1 Product Make sure to get your discount by PRE-ORDERING today!!

- This is the only opportunity to purchase the APPLE CARPLAY/ ANDROID AUTO not at the MSRP price.
- Pre-order orders also includes free installation! (exclusive to SoCal)
- Product must be installed at a UNAVI certified installation shop
- 1 Time Special Offer : After installation, if you leave a review to an INFINITI forum (must provide at least 3 pictures of the product) you will be rewarded with a $100 gas gift card.
- promotion only applicable until the launch date

INFINITI vehicles that are compatible with our Aftermarket CarPlay module 'ANYWAY GO' :
- '15 - '19 Infiniti Q50
- '17 - '19 Infiniti Q60
- '18 - '19 Infiniti Q70
- '17 - '19 Infiniti QX30
- '19 Infiniti QX50
- '17 - '20 Infiniti QX60
- '17 - '19 Nissan Pathfinder
- Infiniti QX70 and QX80 please contact us

- MSRP : $649 → $499 Pre-Order Price

- Pre-order save $150
- Free installation fee(Worth $2~300)
- Review our product and receive a reward($100 gas gift card)
TOTAL PRICE you would be saving: $450~550

PROMO CODE for above benefit: X5F
☞☞ infiniti apple carplay android auto ☜☜ Click for details(or pre-order)

Tech Support issues?
No problem! The U.S. branch has over 10 years of tech support experience to U.S. customers about our Navigation system and various IN-CAR interfaces.
Our office ‘UNAVI USA, INC.’ is established in 2009 and located in Tustin, California.

Why Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?
Since 2020, Apple Carplay and Android Auto has been a standard feature on almost all new vehicles.

With Apple Carplay/ Android Auto, you are able to:
- Search for your destination and favorite place with voice
- Have the system read out your messages when you're driving
- Schedule appointments and calendar events with voice
- Send a message & call with voice
- Search for songs you like to play with voice from your music app.

Use this system to insure safe and smart driving for both yourself and your passengers!
Just look ahead and drive, the system will do the rest!
If you were ever envious of the CarPlay & Android Auto which became a standard feature since 2020, make sure to not skip on this opportunity to upgrade WITH a PRE-ORDER price discount!! If you have any questions, please contact us!

- Phone Number: 855-558-6284
- E-mail : [email protected]
- UNAVI USA, INC. | 15052 Red Hill Ave, Suite B, Tustin, CA 92780, U.S.A.
- WEB :
Product manufacturer is a Certified Global vendor by INFINITI Global: IML(Infiniti Motor Company Ltd)

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