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Has any of you have been getting this.
Starting and driving to the car normal, but there is a stage on the car when instead of automatic Infiniti change the gear ,speed and RPM completely freeze.The acceleration put all the way to the end and car does not increase speed of at all . Switching off the engine and start again car runs normal and changing gear until it's gone to service mode . There is no any light on the dash like ,, service, engine man ,, nothing that can warn something it's wrong with it.
After computer testing they have found fault
P-1585-G sensor. They have managed to reset all errors and the car runs as normal but not for long.Driving as normal for a while and then the same story again. Tomorrow i will go to plug again and see what will be the error. If someone can help me i will be happy. Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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