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same issue and passenger door unlock also

Just picked up 19 QX50 6 days ago. Noticed on 180 miles ride home that I had programed radio stations in and lost them all when we stopped for dinner and restarted vehicle. Reprogramed them and next gone again. Reprogramed and they are still there. The liftgate....Has not worked on several occasions and the passenger door unlock when you slide hand in behind the handle has failed to work several times also.
As the forward collision and rear collision. The steering that keeps you centered in lane is also not very effective, if left lane on several occasions and shut off. Adaptive cruise has failed to slow vehicle at times also.
I see this vehicle having lots of issues and hopefully they have fixes for it all. Its only a 182 mile 1 way trip to the nearest dealer!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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