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2019 Infiniti QX50 on snow?

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Hi! I am looking at buying a 2019 Infiniti QX50 and I am curious how is does on snow with standard all season tires. I live in the mountains and snow driving is very important but I’m not finding much information on it. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi, This forum isn't the most active to say the least.

I have a 2016 QX50, an entirely different animal than the 2019.

I can't really intelligently respond with a response other than I doubt anyone will respond here I'm afraid.

I'm a fan of Infiniti's products, they are underrated and under appreciated.

They are a value compared to other " upscale " brands.

I can say the QX50 for 2019 is based on a Front Wheel Drive Platform, Assembled in Mexico in a modern Nissan Joint Venture Facility.

The 2019 does come with a " Snow Mode " feature, so it has that going for it.

Good luck on your research and happy car hunting.
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Have to agree on the activity here - try to log on and help when I can! We have the 2019 QX50 AWD and live in Northern Wisconsin and have been very pleased. There is no SNOW MODE - only ECO / Standard / Sport / Personal - BUT from what I have read the AWD 50/50 front and rear is always on under a certain speed and then turns on as needed with slipping over that speed. That being said, our QX50 does well in some brutal snow/ice. The game changer for me though is the anti-lock brakes... brilliant on solid ice when you don't think stopping is even possible.
As an aside- we're using all season tires. You might think about some serious snow treads.
My 2017 was a warrior in Massachusetts snow! The rear wheel drive is a plus and smart 4 wheel drive. The snow mode if a huge help to get out of a plowed in parking space. No special tires, just low cost all weather tires. I had a Q25X before this and that coupe was also great in the snow.
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