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2019 infiniti qx50 issue

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in my 2019 qx50, both screens shut off or freeze sporadically, the car was for 3 days at the dealership. They said that the car's Intouch is not compatible with the version of my Apple phone IOS software. Does anyone experience the same problem? When the screens shut off, it presents a safety hazard as I can not use the Navigation system. What do you recommend I do? e.g. exercise a Lemon law to get a car replaced?
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Are you running some future version of iOS? If not, they're full of it.

Have you tried rebooting the system? Hold the volume button down for 5-10 seconds and the system will re-boot itself. Once in a while, I find this fixes problems. I haven't seen many problems with the 19 QX50 Intouch system, but try that.

If that doesn't resolve the problem, return to the dealer and tell them to come up with a better excuse. Or, find a better dealer. If that fails, call customer service.

Like I said, I've only seen problems with Intouch once or twice on the new QX50 - but a reboot resolved them easily. Also, try removing the phone from the car AND the car from the phone. Then re-pair them. To remove the phone from the car, go to Settings-Bluetooth-Connected devices. Tap on your phone and then "remove" or "delete". To remove your car from your phone, go to Settings - Bluetooth, tap the little blue "i" next to the "MY-CAR" and "Forget Device".
I also want to mention the following:
Beside the issue the I have described, the 2019 Infiniti QX50 is the best car I have ever owned (Leased). I have leased BMW 530, Mercedes E350, Lexus RX350, Acura TL. The Infiniti QX50 has better interior quality material, better use of the interior space and I enjoy driving it more than the cars I have mentioned.
We had the same thing happen to us. Got the car for my wife on Valentine’s Day, by Saturday the screens had froze. Just picked it up yesterday and they told me it was probably something related to the car being a showroom model and people messing around with it. That or a glitch. They did the reset and claim it’s been working fine. I did note however, that the problem seemed to occur when the car was hot from sitting in the sun, once it cooled off in the evening, it would work. I had the screens freeze as well as the A/C controls inoperable.
My local Infiniti dealership informed me that they have a software update which they applied today on my car. I will keep you posted if it fixed the problem.
So my QX50 is still in the shop. I’ve had it several times and the problem is reoccurring. They said a new recall was pushed out regarding software and while the Tech was bringing my car around, the problem happened again. They opened a Tech Ticket and are waiting for Infiniti’s response. Luckily, my dealership is almost as upset as I am. Guess it depends where you go.
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