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I have some news for those that own the current QX50 and that of the EX22d, EX35, and EX37 under the J50 model code. Please do not ask me about my sources, as I cannot do that due to legalities.

The QX Inspiration Concept, which made its debut at the Beijing Motor Show in April 2016, is indeed the next generation QX50. The next generation QX50 will go into production at Nissan's Aguascalientes plant in November 2017 and is being partly developed in Mexico as well under a codename (P**) I cannot fully disclose how I know this, especially in how it has not been released by the press. It will no longer be under the "Skyline" family in domestic market (Japan).

It will ride on the front-wheel drive CMF platform shared with Renault and Nissan brand products. The body design/styling was approved in mid-2014 by the Shiro Nakamura and the company board of directors.

The 2016 model year to present QX50 LWB was delayed from an earlier release date, intended for the 2014.5/2015 model year. Design work on the re-engineered J50 was finalized as early as late 2012 and shown in prototype form since early 2013 in private conferences, alongside the new Q30, QX30, rejected Q60 design proposal, and MY2015 changes to the Q70 and QX80.

Next Generation QX60 (L51)
Will arrive for the 2019 model year. Design work concluded in the first week of January 2016 with concept selection and production body design freeze was in July 2016. Production will begin in late 2018.

Next Generation QX70 (S52)

Will arrive in 2018 as a more versatile CUV, with an emphasis on sportiness. The design of that particular product has been frozen (no more design work) for 1 year and is on its way soon. The light refresh for MY2017 in July 2016 for the current S51, is meant to be as a placeholder, as engineers build and test prototypes, then validate the S52. Not being a QX70 forum, I will not elaborate on that or other Infiniti offerings too much.

The Next Generation QX80 (Z64-5)
Has also been designed and will arrive within the next 30 months, based on the next generation Nissan Patrol. The new Nissan Armada in the US did not affect the cadence of it.

Next Generation Q70 (Y52)
Will not arrive next year as speculated, but in August 2018 at earliest as a MY2019. Styling was frozen in 2015.

Next Generation Q50 (V38)
It is in development, as are more changes to the V37 Q50 saloon for the 2018 model year in the form of cosmetic enhancements. That will go on sale 1 year from now and the V38 Q50 for the 2021MY in late 2020. Styling will be decided on as early as next year.

The new Q60 (V37) might see a refresh in mid-2019, ahead of a redesign for the 2022 model year related to the V38 saloon.

The Q45 replacement, originally put on hold 7 years ago and teased as the Q80 Inspiration Concept in 2014, will go into production in 2018 for the 2019 model year. It is also intended as the replacement for the Nissan President (JDM).

For some reason, 2018 will be a very busy year for Infiniti and it will be interesting to see how so many product launches are be managed smoothly.
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